Omar Shute

Executive Vice President
Master of Business Administration – Shippensburg University
B.S. Business Management – Penn State University
B.S. Marketing – Penn State University

Omar oversees commercial underwriting and participates in all the related suite of services offered by DFTC. Omar has 20 years of commercial lending experience, and his career background encompasses commercial loan origination, relationship management, commercial loan underwriting, credit administration, commercial portfolio management, economic development, policy generation, and senior leadership experience including working with boards of directors.

DFTC Advisors

Joe Hyatt

President / CEO

Marcos Morford

Commercial Services Analyst

Omar Shute

Executive Vice President

Casey Stewart

VP of Loan Review Services

Isaac (Ike) McLaughlin

Senior Loan Review Manager and Commercial Credit Analyst

Aly Sweeney

Client Services Administrator

Sandy Fritz-Gerke

Credit Innovations Manager and
Senior Commercial Underwriter