Marcos Morford

Commercial Services Analyst
B.A. Accounting – Sam Houston State University

Marcos Morford is a skilled credit analyst who completed a BBA in Accounting and then began his career as an entry-level Loan Servicing Specialist. He quickly developed a reputation for being able to handle highly complex applications and mitigate potential losses. In his current role, Marcos is responsible for reviewing and assessing creditworthiness. Marcos is known for his attention to detail, strong analytical skills, and ability to work collaboratively with his colleagues. He is a trusted advisor to his clients and a valued member of his organization.

DFTC Advisors

Joe Hyatt

President / CEO

Marcos Morford

Commercial Services Analyst

Omar Shute

Executive Vice President

Casey Stewart

VP of Loan Review Services

Isaac (Ike) McLaughlin

Senior Loan Review Manager and Commercial Credit Analyst

Aly Sweeney

Client Services Administrator

Sandy Fritz-Gerke

Credit Innovations Manager and
Senior Commercial Underwriter

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