Joe Hyatt

President & CEO
B.S. Accounting – Auburn University at Montgomery

Joe is a senior executive and commercial lending industry expert with over 28 years of professional experience encompassing commercial credit underwriting, commercial credit training, commercial loan administration, public accounting, sales, and business operations focused on generating conservative, recurring, and sustainable revenue growth. Joe’s previous roles include Chief Credit Officer, VP Business Services, and Senior Commercial Credit Analyst.

As DFTC’s CEO, Joe enjoys leading, coaching, and directing credit policy, procedure, credit risk assessment and mitigation for the DFTC, Inc. team and its 30 plus financial institution partners. Joe is an industry leading SME developing and delivering commercial lending, credit, and administration instruction for the National Credit Union Administration, Credit Union National Association, credit unions, community banks and CUSO organizations. Joe provides executive consulting services to financial institutions establishing effective safety and soundness practices with commercial loan portfolios ranging from $5MM to over $1 Billion. Personally, Joe enjoys the outdoors, spending time with family and friends, and playing acoustic guitar.

DFTC Advisors

Joe Hyatt

President / CEO

Marcos Morford

Commercial Services Analyst

Omar Shute

Executive Vice President

Casey Stewart

VP of Loan Review Services

Isaac (Ike) McLaughlin

Senior Loan Review Manager and Commercial Credit Analyst

Aly Sweeney

Client Services Administrator

Sandy Fritz-Gerke

Credit Innovations Manager and
Senior Commercial Underwriter