Training Services

DFTC offers a multitude of commercial credit professional development courses to educate and develop your team. DFTC can conduct classes in person or by utilizing remote delivery platforms with a live instructor. DFTC has developed an established track record in this area and has partnered with regulators such as NCUA to provide training to loan examiners, CUNA for the Business Lending Certification School as well as other educational programs, and financial institutions looking to train their employees and/or boards.

Our training courses include:

Credit Analysis Fundamentals

Develops a working knowledge encompassing the fundamental principles associated with determining and evaluating the 5Cs of Credit.

UCA Credit Analysis

Learn to fully analyze and evaluate operating entity cash flows by taking a journey through the relationship between a businesses’ income statement and balance sheet accounts which creates cash flow from operations, financing, and investing activities.

Credit Administration

Encompassing the commercial lending activities which occur from loan approval to final payoff and beyond. Course topics include developing a working knowledge in commercial lending regulations, risk rating systems, loan documentation, periodic review, portfolio management, board reporting, and troubled loan management.

Business Development & Relationship Building

Establish core sales techniques and strategies to support the growth of sales staff.

Making Informed Credit Decisions for Business Loan Committee

Establish the key elements that each decisions maker should consider when assessing and supporting their credit decision.

Importance of Vigilance for Board of Directors

Cultivate involvement, understanding, and regulatory compliance for your Board and commercial lending program by discovering ideas and concepts supporting your Boards’ commercial lending knowledge.

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