Assistance with Credit Department Creation

The DFTC staff has experience in creating or enhancing the capabilities of new or existing Member Business Lending (MBL) departments. DFTC can assist you to do the following:

  • Establish underwriting guidelines as part of the overall strategy of your institution
  • Create customized loan presentations and loan reports for senior management
  • Design appropriate job descriptions for MBL positions
  • Implement risk rating system protocols for underwriting compliance with NCUA and State regulations
  • Assist with Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL) calculations and overall portfolio monitoring
  • Develop Policies and Procedures Manuals
  • Pre-committee Review
  • Supervision of problem loan management process – watch memos, Modification reports, TDR memos
  • Write loan policy and procedures to include updates
  • Under the guidance of the Chief Credit Officer, Chief Financial Officer, or Senior Lender, assist in analysis of loan and lease losses, charge-offs, impairments, etc.
  • Attend Loan Committee remotely

Loan Portfolio Review

DFTC can prepare you for your next audit or regulatory exam by reviewing and evaluating your existing MBL portfolio. In order to strengthen the performance of your portfolio and to better comply with regulatory requirements, DFTC will:

  • Review and improve your loan policies and procedures
  • Create more effective underwriting protocols
  • Review your files and origination documentation to include:
    • Loan Application
    • Compliance with internal policies
    • Closing checklist of needed loan documents
    • Environmental Questionnaires and reviews
    • Collateral review sheet
    • Personal Financial Statements
    • NCUA compliance checklist
    • Loan Presentation format
      • Review Risk rating reports and recommend necessary changes
      • Analyze compliance with loan terms and conditions
      • Review portfolio concentration
      • Identify potential losses and the adequacy of loan loss reserve

      Sample Loan Review

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