Environmental Due Diligence

At DFTC, we make sure your property transactions are on solid ground by providing comprehensive environmental reporting services that ensure compliance and peace of mind.

EA Quick Opinion Report

This low-cost, fully-insured report utilizes limited historical and regulatory research for a preliminary screening of a property. This report includes:
  • A review and opinion by an environmental professional
  • Site specific regulatory and historical research combined with an opinion of risk by an environmental professional
  • Can be used on Small Balance Loans with innocuous past and present on-site operations

EA Quick Loan Check

This low-cost, fully-insured report provides a review of regulatory information, standard historical resources and municipal research. Report features:
  • A review, opinion and recommendations on how to proceed by an environmental professional
  • Designed for SBA loans over $150,000 on property with usage that does not match the SBA NAICS “Hot Code” list.
  • Can be used for SBA loans up to $5MM
  • Meets and exceeds USSBA environmental due diligence requirements for a Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA) on properties with usage that do not match the SBA NAICS “Hot Code” list.

ASTM 1528 Transaction Screen

This report provides information beyond the standard scope of the ASTM standard and is used on any property type, in many cases in lieu of a Phase I. Report features:
  • Report meets and exceeds ASTM Standards
  • Prepared by environmental professional with conclusions and recommendations
  • Includes a full ASTM database and full site inspection by a qualified environmental field inspector
  • Historical and/or municipal research
  • Cursory inspection for suspect asbestos, lead-based paint and mold
  • Fully-insured

ASTM Phase I ESA ASTM 1527

If you or your borrower are seeking CERCLA protection as an innocent purchaser, bona fide prospective purchaser, or contiguous property owner, this report should be used. Report features:
  • Meets ASTM Standards
  • Meets EPA All Appropriate inquiry legislation found at 40 CFR Part 312
  • Meets USSBA requirements for Phase I ESA

Phase II Subsurface Investigation Services

Our Phase II services are tailored to the property being investigated, our client’s needs and the purpose behind the investigation. To discuss your specific needs, please call or email for details.

Turnkey Environmental Remediation Services

Our turnkey environmental remediation services are available upon request. DFTC’s services are tailored to our client’s needs and the purpose behind the investigation. To discuss your specific needs, Please call or email for details.

Phase I/II/III Report Compliance and Peer Review

DFTC will evaluate and analyze environmental reports completed by third party consultants. We will offer recommendations and work with your consultant if any subsequent amendments are required. Report features:
  • Out-sourcing borrower reports avoids liability of in-house review
  • Update previous environmental assessments at a lower cost than new high level due diligence.

Environmental Policy Development

With this service, DFTC can assist with policy development in accordance with current regulations and guidelines

EPIC Report

This report combines an environmental report (EAQuick, ASTM Transaction Screen and/or AAI Phase I) with a property inspection and condition report for one low fee with quick turnaround times for the Lender. The report pricing varies based on the level of environmental due diligence required by the Lender. Limited scope site Inspection to evaluate current conditions and provide recommendations for repairs or improvements.

Packaged Services

DFTC understands that a lending client may wish to have several of our construction and environmental services “bundled” into cost effective packages that fix fees to the Borrower. To that end, DFTC has developed a wide range of construction and environmental report packages designed specifically for transactions of $3 million and less.


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